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Welcome to the website of UK Film/Horror academic Dr Steve Jones.

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New Chapter

I have a chapter entitled "Torture Pornopticon: (In)security Cameras, Self-Governance and Autonomy" in the new collection Digital Horror: Haunted Technologies, Network Panic and the Found Footage Phenomenon, edited by Linnie Blake and Xavier Aldana Reyes, which has just been published by I.B. Tauris. More information about the book is available here. **The book can now be purchased at a discounted price using an offer-code: click here to see my blog post about the offer.**

Talk at Coventry University

On October 16th I presented a paper entitled “Women in Horror: Moving Beyond Misogyny” at Coventry University as part of their Femininity in Film series. The turn-out was amazing (not least since we are mid-semester!). Many thanks to everyone who came, and to Adrienne Evans and Spencer Murphy for inviting me to speak.

Conference Paper

I have recently attended the 2015 Global Exploitation Cinemas conference in Lincoln where I presented a paper based on a chapter in the forthcoming collection Grindhouse: Cultural Exchange on 42nd Street and Beyond (eds. Austin Fisher and Johnny Walker, 2016). For more details, click here.