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Welcome to the website of UK Film/Horror academic Dr Steve Jones.

Click on the links for information regarding Steve's research, publications, article transcripts, and professional qualifications.


Website Re-launch

Welcome to my new, pared down website. I have taken out much of the clutter, and opted for a lighter theme (now that I have put the Torture Porn project to bed.  Anyone looking for the web-only articles and reviews that were on the previous site can find them on my blog. The reviews are tagged “15 Second Review” and the articles are tagged “Web-Only Articles”.

British Academy Application:

I have just submitted a funding application to the British Academy for my forthcoming revenge project. The project will culminate in a monograph which seeks to develop a model of revenge by drawing on fluid dynamics, The project combine moral philosophy with textual analyses of US horror and action films from the last decade. So far, I have amassed 300 films, so I have some work ahead of me.

Zombies and Sexuality collection

Having just completed the proofing on the Zombies and Sexuality collection I am co-editing with Shaka McGlotten, the volume has now appeared online to preorder The collection contains some really interesting and diverse essays, s I am excite to see how it is received.  Anyone interested in a sneak peek can have a read at Google Books here.  



northumbria.academia.edu/ SteveJones


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